Home Improvement Tools – DIY Tools

Home Improvement Tools – DIY Tools

How to setup a good DIY Home Improvement Toolkit for your home?

Every house is built with great passion and love. Home improvement tools keep your home always in immaculate condition, you should have a good DIY toolkit. Today, it is easy to spend a lot of money on home improvement tools but you do not need to purchase an expensive and lavish toolkit all at once. With little knowledge and research, you can save a lot. It is always a good idea to acquire home improvement tools that you need and can afford.

There are many great tools available and most of them are very expensive. It is always a good idea to invest in well-made items with life long durability.

Home Improvement Tools

Below is a list of our all-time favorite low-cost tools:

  • Drill

    Drills through concrete block, walls, and tough materials. Instead of standard buying corded drill, it is always recommended to get a hammer drill. Because, in addition to all traditional functionality, a hammer lets you drill through tough materials faster without burning up the bit.

  • Versatile angle grinder

    Grinders cut metal, tile masonry fast, strip paint and remove rust. Grinders with a diamond blade cut just about any stone or ceramic tile and with the small blade, it is perfect for fine cuts such as cuts needed for outlet opening or curved holes around shower faucet.

  • Clamp-in-place straightedge

    Keeps saw cuts perfectly straight. This special clamping straightedge is a great help when it comes to keeping the cut perfectly straight with a circular saw. For example cutting off the bottom of the doors.

  • Screw Driver

    Removes tough and stubborn screws easily. High quality screwdrivers remove screws that are impossible to remove with a regular screwdriver. Consider to only buy tough screwdrivers that can bear the shocks when you whack the driver head with the hammer.

  • Forever Vacuum Filter

    Vacuum filter that lasts forever. Always look for HEPA filters because high-quality HEPA filters can catch fine particles like drywall and sanding dust that pass right through other low-quality filters. You can either rinse it off with water or simply tap it against a tree to get rid off almost 90% dust in about a minute.

  • Concrete Screw Driver

    Drives concrete screws fast and easy. Do you drive lots of concrete screws? You should have a concrete screw installation kit handy. Most concrete screws installation kits contain masonry drill bit and screw drive on the same shaft so that you drill the hole and sink the screw with the attached screw drive within seconds.

  • Bit Holder

    Keeps all required bits handy. Whether you use square-drive screws or star-drive screws, a good Bit Holder is a solution that locks onto the bit with a spring-loaded sleeve and not just a magnet.

  • Nail Puller With Nippers

    Pulls out nails safely without damaging the wood. Anytime when you are removing trim or pulling the old nails without damaging the wood’s surface, Nail Puller with nippers is a great help. The sharp jaws bite into the nail, holding it firmly as you roll the nippers back to pull out the nail from the back side of the trim.

  • Voltage Shocks Protector

    Detects and prevents nasty voltage shocks. It is also the quickest way to track down breaks in circuits. If the power is on, a LED light and an alarm inform you.


The list of home improvement tools goes on and on but there are at least 20 or more tools every homeowner should have. You probably already have a hammer, but that is just a start. Do your own research, you may need more home improvement tools – DIY toolkits to meet your house repair needs and you may even need entirely different sets of tools and devices.

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